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We are fed-up with racism!

We say No to racism – Refugees welcome! 

Call to Action – We are fed up! Protest on 20 January 2024

A future for good food, without GMOs and with environmentally friendly, small-scale farming!

The answer to the climate crisis, species extinction and world hunger is smaller-scale, ecological agriculture – not genetic modification, patents, and glyphosate!

Environmental destruction, hunger and the climate crisis are already a global reality. Agriculture carries responsibility for the preservation of planetary resources and livelihoods and must reduce emissions, protect biodiversity, soil, and water resources. More organic and small-scale farming is the basis for an environmentally friendly and resilient food system that can provide safe and healthy food for all.

But the German government is letting farmers down. Farmers cannot protect the environment and animals, if neither the market nor the government pays for the extra costs. Worldwide, low producer prices, the unfair distribution of EU agricultural subsidies and cuts in development aid are driving farmers over the edge - economically, but also physically and mentally. The coalition government must finance the transformation of animal farming: for more animal welfare, climate protection and the preservation of diverse farms.

GMO-technology and patents increase farmers’ dependencies on large agricultural corporations and reduce the diversity in the fields and on the plates. Those that weaken the protection from GMO risks are jeopardising our future and good food for all! We demand: no patents on plants and animals and their genetic characteristics – priority for the precautionary principle!

The self-determination of consumers and farmers is at stake! If the German government agrees to the planned deregulation of European GM-legislation, none of us will be free to decide whether we want GMOs on our plates or in our fields. We demand: if it contains GMOs, it must say so on the packet - for comprehensive labelling and real freedom of choice along the entire production and processing chain!

The loss of biodiversity is dramatic. One of the main reasons for this is the intensification of agriculture and the use of pesticides. The majority of existing GM-plants are engineered to be resistant to pesticides. The effects of new GM-plants on humans, insects and the ecosystem must be regulated. We demand: a German no to glyphosate use, implement pesticide reductions and support farmers in the implementation and ban exports of pesticides banned in the EU!

At the start of the "International Green Week" ‒ the world's biggest agricultural trade fair ‒ we rally in Berlin's government district:

Good food necessitates climate protection and social justice. Agriculture Minister Özdemir must reject the deregulation of GM-legislation and support GM-free, environmentally friendly, smal-scale farming!

We call on the German government to:


Climate justice and good food for all

Focus support on the transformation to climate-friendly agriculture, reduce harmful subsidies without jeopardizing farms, ensure access to healthy, environmentally and climate-friendly food for all.

Stop the demise of family farms and improve animal welfare

Secure fair producer prices and increase the security needed by farms for long-term planning, introduce a welfare levy on meat sales to secure funds for the implementation of animal welfare plans, introduce a progressive land transfer tax to regulate land ownership so that farmland stays in the hands of family farms.

Reject the deregulation of new GMOs!

Safeguard GM-free seed and food production, reject patents on animals and plants!

Stop species extinction!

Ban glyphosate and support farmyard pesticide reduction: significantly reduce the use of synthetic pesticides, stop the export of pesticides banned in the EU!

We are fed up! PROTEST

Saturday, 20 January 2024 | 12 noon | Willy-Brandt-Haus | Berlin

We are conventional and organic farmers with diverse farms, engaged in animal and plant-based farming. We are bakers, chefs, beekeepers and consumers. We are environmental and animal welfare activists and social justice campaigners. People of all ages from rural and urban communities. Our protest began in 2011, and we continue to march for good food and sustainable farming!


Thriving family farms and rural communities +++ sustainable food for all +++ animal welfare and a reduction in meat consumption +++ food sovereignty and fair trade +++ VAT reductions for fruit, veg and organic produce +++ food without GMOs +++ transition funds for family farming +++ an end to routine use of antibiotics and factory farming +++ a just and ecological EU agricultural reform (CAP) +++ agroecological and democratic food systems  +++ glyphosate ban without delay +++ global solidarity, refugees welcome +++


We are fed-up with racism!

We say No to racism – Refugees welcome!