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Call to Action for 21 January 2023


Rally for family farms, ecological farming, for the protection of the climate, animals and the environment, for global justice and healthy food for all!

Too little rain, dry soils and poor harvests – the climate crisis is escalating even in Europe. The logic of growth and political mismanagement are responsible for climate and ecosystem collapse. Many farms have to close down, while factory farming still gets the seal of approval. World hunger is on the rise again and even in this country more and more people skip meals because they cannot make ends meet.

We fight for the socio-ecological transition. It is the answer to the multiple crises. One thing is clear: without agricultural reforms and the transformation of the food system, we have no chance to keep global temperature rise below 1.5-degrees and will fail on climate justice. Everyone must be able to afford healthy food. Farmers and food producers need fair prices.

We are fed up with corporations that make a business out of hunger. Investment funds earn money from speculation on rising food prices. Agri-food and fertiliser companies like Cargill, Unilever or Yara report horrendous profits during the crisis. Supermarket chains with massive market power are squeezing prices. Corporations like Bayer want to bring genetically modified seeds into our fields and GMO food onto our plates. We are sick of it!


BITE BACK – for social and food justice!

We appreciate the hard work of those who provide healthy and quality food. Especially in times of crisis, we rise in solidarity and for a just society: with plenty of family farms so that rural areas can flourish. With livestock numbers tied to high animal welfare standards and the capacity of the land. With fair, regional supply chains and more plant-based foods. With healthy food, a fair distribution of wealth and a good life in peace and without persecution for all people worldwide.

There is enough food for all, but it is unfairly distributed and too much is wasted. Far too much food is turned into feed or fuel or left to rod. This must change: food first – if it can be eaten, don’t burn it the tank or the trough! That way we protect the climate and there is enough food to feed the world.

For a just transition of food systems and farming, we will rally thousands in the streets of Berlin in January - Corona-conform and determined. The new government has delivered too little, too slow. The German Agriculture Minister Özdemir must accelerate the transformation of agriculture and the German Finance Minister Lindner must release the necessary funds. Farmers and society want this transition, but the protection of the climate, animals and nature must pay off for farmers. The Russian invasion and military support for Ukraine must not be used as an excuse to delay sustainable agriculture. Join us, when we make our voices heard in Berlin's government district on the eve of the world's largest trade fair for agriculture - Berlin's Green Week. We sick of crisis profiteering - we call for good food and farming for all!



Stop farm closures – enforce fair producer prices and support farms in climate-proof farming, animal welfare and nature protection!

Tax profits made from the crisis – tax excess profits from agri-food corporations and scale up the support for those affected by poverty!

Combat the climate crisis and stop species extinction – reduce VAT on plant-based food and keep pesticides out of habitats for insects!

Secure small-scale husbandry - with fewer animals and higher animal welfare!

End world hunger and stop agro-engineering - ban food speculation, support fair trade and good, food for all, free of GMO!




#WHES23     #GoodFoodGoodFarming

Thriving family farms and rural communities +++ sustainable food for all +++ animal welfare and a reduction in meat consumption +++ food sovereignty and fair trade +++ VAT reductions for fruit, veg and organic produce +++ food without GMOs +++ transition funds for family farming +++ an end to routine use of antibiotics and factory farming +++ a just and ecological EU agricultural reform (CAP) +++ agroecological and democratic food systems  +++ glyphosate ban without delay +++ global solidarity, refugees welcome +++



We are conventional and organic farmers with diverse farms, engaged in animal and plant-based farming. We are bakers, chefs, beekeepers and consumers. We are environmental and animal welfare activists and social justice campaigners. People of all ages from rural and urban communities. Our protest began in 2011, and we continue to march for good food and sustainable farming!



We are fed-up with racism!

We say No to racism – Refugees welcome!