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Call to Action for 19 January 2019


AXE EU FUNDS for argo-industries!

Stand up for low-impact farming, animal welfare, climate justice and good food!

Climate-friendly agriculture, good food and the continuation of small-scale, community-based farming is at stake! In 2019, the German government takes part in decisions that will determine the future of EU agriculture. The EU CAP reform (Common Agricultural Policy) will define what type of agriculture benefits from €60 billion in EU subsidies every year. Under current rules, those owning most land receive most money, regardless of their farming methods. This must end! We cannot continue to prop up agro-industries with public funds.
The transformation of our farming system towards sustainable farming cannot wait. With our pots and pans we sound the alarm for sustainable farming and call on the German government to support only those who are willing to convert their farms to climate-, nature- and animal-friendly farming with public funds.


For good food and climate-friendly farming!

Last year’s floods and this year’s unprecedented drought have shown: we have no time to waste! We join the global movement for climate justice and demand sweeping cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. We urgently need to switch to climate-friendly, small-scale farming, restore soil-fertility to mitigate climate change and shift our consumption to seasonal fruit and vegetables. We demand that EU public money is reserved for sustainable, climate-friendly farming only!


For thriving family farms and rural communities…

We value the incredible contribution that family farms make to our daily diets and rural communities. Our politicians fail these farms: over 100,000 mainly small-scale farms have disappeared in Germany in the past decade. Meanwhile, financial investors profiting from EU subsidies buy up more and more land. The devastating consequences: dying rural communities, monocultures, glyphosate use, loss of biodiversity, factory farms and increased antibiotic resistance. We call on politicians to end the bankrolling of agro-industries, land barons and animal factories!


…in a Europe that cares for people and planet!

Working conditions in European slaughter houses and sprawling greenhouses are often extremely poor. Producers want to minimize production costs and maximise profit margins for discounters and export. Moreover, the EU often forces free trade and cheap exports on poorer nations, ruining local businesses and livelihoods of small-scale farmers. Human rights, peasants’ rights and fair trade are non-negotiable in a compassionate and sustainable Europe!


You vote with what you eat!

In our cities and rural communities, we show we can do better. More and more farmers are producing food without pesticides and GMOs, and invest in the welfare of their animals. More people take part in foodsharing, community-supported agriculture and choose locally produced food. Together we vote with our wallets and raise our forks for a farming revolution: for diversity, equality and sustainability – and against discrimination, exploitation and fear!


We are sick of corporate favours and agro-industries!

The Agro-lobbyists are flogging a dead horse. We call on Julia Klöckner, the German federal minister for agriculture, to cut her ties with the farming lobby and to axe EU funds for agro-industries. It is time for policies that protect people, animals and the environment! She must insist on a transition of farming practices under the new EU CAP!


Public money for public goods!

Public subsidies should only be used to support:

  • sustainable and climate-friendly agriculture!
  • animal welfare!
  • small-scale family farms and farming communities that produce good food for us all!


Join us and tens of thousands when we demonstrate in the streets of Berlin, on the eve of the world’s largest agriculture fair and international summit of agricultural ministers. When all focus is on the future of our food and agriculture, we demand change. We are sick of agro-industries! Come and vote with your feet and what you eat!


Demonstration: 19 January 2019 | NOON | Brandenburger Gate | Berlin

For thriving family farms and rural communities +++ good food for all +++ for biodiversity and climate protection +++ for animal welfare and a reduction in meat consumption +++ for food sovereignty and fair trade +++ against corporate control and data theft in digitised farming +++ for pesticide free farming +++ for development cooperation based on ecological principles +++ for a just and ecological EU CAP-reform +++ no new genetic engineering such as CRISPR and gene drives +++ for a Europe of solidarity – refugees welcome +++



We are conventional and ecological farmers engaged in all kinds of farming systems, from animal husbandry to arable farming. We are bakers, chefs, beekeepers and consumers. We are environmental and animal rights activists, and social justice campaigners. People of all ages from rural and urban communities. Our protest began in 2011, and we continue to march for good food and sustainable farming!



We are fed-up with racism!

We say No to racism – Refugees welcome!